Course 6: Ulrich Schliephake – Youth promotion course Violin/Viola

Ulrich Schliephake was born in Leipzig, in 1960. He studied violin at the Leipzig Conservatory “Felix Mendelssohn” together with Horst Sannemüller. After working as a violin teacher at the various music schools in Sondershausen/Nordhausen and Leipzig, the “Ottmar Gerster”- Country, he has worked at the Music School of Leipzig “Johann Sebastian Bach”, since 1999. For a long time, he led a Youth String Orchestra, which he included in guest performances in Lithuania and the United States. Since 2000, he has worked as a consultant for high strings for several music schools in the Leipzig region. The basic work and training of young talent are his responsibilities. He regularly works with different juries as well as a lecturer at the National Youth Orchestra of Saxony. With a focus on “Strings Group Lessons,” he conducted training nationwide. In the Academy of Music and Theatre “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy,” he is a lecturer of the course “Teaching Practice Violin / Viola” and he is committed to a new educationally orientated training.