• Frithjof-Martin Grabner – Stage presence

    “The reflection of personal impact on the stage”
    In his seminar program Prof. Frithjof-Martin Grabner talks about the areas of speaking voice, body language, audition situation, concert clothing, and applause. The formal and content-related aspects of application documents, curriculum vitae, etc. are also examined in greater detail.

  • Course outlines

    Class 1: Violin & Chamber Music – Elisabeth Weber
    Class 2: Viola & Chamber Music – Florian Richter
    Class 3: Violoncello & Chamber Music – Stephan Forck
    Class 4: Double Bass & Chamber Music – Frithjof-Martin Grabner

    Additional courses: tango chamber-music; Basic cultural knowledge management; stage presence

    The accommodation takes place during the master classes in own direction and is not included in the course fee!

    There is a limited possibility to stay with host families. Please, direct inquiries to the academy management!

    The Youth promotion course Violin/Viola is led by Ulrich Schliephake. He is responsible for many years with the basic work in Leipzig and the promotion of young talent and is a lecturer for the course “Teaching Practice Violin/Viola” at the Academy of Music and Theatre “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” in Leipzig.

    Tango chamber music conducted by Facundo Hernán Barreyra.
    The Argentine bandoneon virtuoso Facundo Barreyra works with selected students on tango, milonga and vals in the constellation Bandoneon & string quintet.

    Basic cultural knowledge management – Thomas Breitsameter To the schools and colleges of music training as instrumentalists is the central, dominant theme. Unfortunately, this is an existentially important issue often neglected: the marketing of their own abilities in the arts. The course provides an insight into a successful self-management, there are tips in dealing with concert promoters and concert agencies and outlines based on case studies, the organization of a concert in their preparation phase. The lecturer Thomas Breitsameter is complemented by his work as a music school director, project manager of the Inn-Salzach-Euregio Youth Orchestra, organizer of the Mühldorfer Summer Academy and managing committee member of the “Förderverein Musikfreunde Mühldorf e.V.” an experienced practitioner in the profession, he has completed his know-how by studying at the University of Hagen in cultural management.

    Stage Presence – Frithjof-Martin Grabner Reflection of the personal effect on the stage. (Speaking voice, body language, audition situation, concert dress, applause assumption). There are also formal and content aspects of application forms.

    Participants: Open to soloists and ensembles, advanced music pupils, music students, professional musicians, music teachers and serious amateurs who want to develop a program of their choice intensive. The minimum age to attend the courses is 16 years. Exceptions may be made in consultation with the artistic director.

    Pricing Data: Beginning of the course is on Thursday, 29.08.2024 at 19:30 in the municipal music school Mühldorf a. Inn with welcome and course schedule. End of the course is on Sunday, 08.09.2024 after the final public concert at the Hans-Prähofer House (concert starts at 11:00). In addition to the concert, students will have the opportunity to play in internal literature lecture evenings.  The registration deadline is 07/26/2024
    (Late applications will be considered if possible. Due to the limited number of participants is recommended to register early.)

    Course content: Per teacher only a limited number of participants will be allowed. This guarantees the best possible care of each participant. Each participant receive 5 lessons individual or ensemble lessons. The instructors prepare participants in single – and classroom instruction prior to future concert or audition situations and give valuable assistance in solving individual problems in the instrumental and artistic field. Any number of works are being prepared. Works please indicate on the registration form! There are practice rooms with either piano or grand pianos in the “Hans-prähofer-Haus” an in the parish center “St. Nikolaus” available.